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Video of the Fast Forward Press reading in NYC

NYC was a total blast and the reading was at a great cafe on Christopher St. in the Village. I met the most amazing people from Fast Forward Press and the other writers! The whole experience rocked!!

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Short Fiction-UK

“Couple” was in the top 15 stories in the New Writers Competition, so far. I am delighted to inform you that your story has made the longlist of 15 in our New Writers Competition, as listed below: Sara Crowley – … Continue reading

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She thought she would disturb his plan to seduce her by jumping off the roof. They sat side by side on the edge, feet dangling, moonless night. A floodlight from above bleached the two figures colorless against a flat, black … Continue reading

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Garbage Picker of Memory

I, too, am a murderer. And not by violence or bloody means did I kill, but as most murders are committed where the corpse will never betray me. My daughter, Beth, was twenty. Yes, it was true, that no one … Continue reading

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Family Conference

I stare out the picture window at a sky. It spreads up there ordinary as buttered bread on a table. Underneath it one block in the neighborhood stares back. The Connollys get into their blue station wagon. No pushing, no … Continue reading

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Magnanimous Portraits

Check out my website: Over 150 different collage images of writers, musicians, philosophers, artists, innovators and spiritual leaders! The highest quality t-shirts in an array of vibrant colors. Long sleeve, short sleeve, men’s, women’s, children’s sizes in great … Continue reading

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Alien Art

He was the tallest building she’d ever lived in–six-foot-seven, with hands stretched across him like a canvas. He had long, dirty hair and panicked eyes. Ruby seized whatever words she could on those rare occasions when he talked. The horror … Continue reading

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