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Video of the Fast Forward Press reading in NYC

NYC was a total blast and the reading was at a great cafe on Christopher St. in the Village. I met the most amazing people from Fast Forward Press and the other writers! The whole experience rocked!!

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Short Fiction-UK

“Couple” was in the top 15 stories in the New Writers Competition, so far. I am delighted to inform you that your story has made the longlist of 15 in our New Writers Competition, as listed below: Sara Crowley – … Continue reading

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She thought she would disturb his plan to seduce her by jumping off the roof. They sat side by side on the edge, feet dangling, moonless night. A floodlight from above bleached the two figures colorless against a flat, black … Continue reading

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Garbage Picker of Memory

I, too, am a murderer. And not by violence or bloody means did I kill, but as most murders are committed where the corpse will never betray me. My daughter, Beth, was twenty. Yes, it was true, that no one … Continue reading

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Family Conference

I stare out the picture window at a sky. It spreads up there ordinary as buttered bread on a table. Underneath it one block in the neighborhood stares back. The Connollys get into their blue station wagon. No pushing, no … Continue reading

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Magnanimous Portraits

Check out my website: Over 150 different collage images of writers, musicians, philosophers, artists, innovators and spiritual leaders! The highest quality t-shirts in an array of vibrant colors. Long sleeve, short sleeve, men’s, women’s, children’s sizes in great … Continue reading

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Alien Art

He was the tallest building she’d ever lived in–six-foot-seven, with hands stretched across him like a canvas. He had long, dirty hair and panicked eyes. Ruby seized whatever words she could on those rare occasions when he talked. The horror … Continue reading

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When I actually got my own room I always kept the door closed. It wasn’t like there was anything actually happening in there––I was usually reading––but the thought that something could or might be happening at any moment in my … Continue reading

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