Book Reviews & Interviews

Interview with Gessy Alvarez, June 2013

Radio interview with Bud Smith on The Literary Underground. February, 2013

Review of my chapbook, Disparate Pathos, published at JMWW, written by Melanie Page, October 2012

Guest blogger for Eclectic Eel, October, 2012. Thank you for the interview, Nicky Ellam!

Interview with Cort Bledsoe on writing, editing and Domestic Apparition

New Pages reviewed Sententia Magazine, Issue 4. My story, “The F Word,” was reviewed in it. Thank you so much, Paula Bomer for an amazing magazine!

The Short Review published a book review of Domestic Apparition by Bonnie ZoBell, June, 2012

Interview published in Up the Staircase Quarterly with Stephanie Bryant Anderson and April Michelle Bratten, April 2012

Interview with Laura Madeline Wiseman on “Disparate Pathos,” and other subjects. April 2012

Book review of Domestic Apparition by Paula Bomer published at The Nervous Breakdown, Feb. 2012

Interview with Robert Vaughan published at The Lit Pub, Feb. 2012

Thank you 34th Parallel editors, Martin Chipperfield and Trace Sheridan Swan for adding a blurb on your blog of “Domestic Apparition.”

“Domestic Apparition” was included in the Best of 2011 Top Ten Books up at JMWW by Robert Vaughan! Thank you, Robert!! Dec. 2011

Book review of Domestic Apparition by Cindy Zelman published in Small Press Reviews, Dec. 2011

Radio interview on The Anne Levine Show discussing Domestic Apparition and writing

Miriam’s Well blog reposted a book review of Domestic Apparition by Anna March: First published in Pank Magazine

Specter Magazine, Oct. 2011 Book review of Domestic Apparition written by Agnes Marton!

Ben Tanzer wrote a book review of Domestic Apparition up on his blog: How This Book Will Change Your Life!

Interview with Michelle Reale up at Flash Fiction Chronicles, Sept. 2011

Pank Magazine published a book review of “Domestic Apparition” written by Anna March, Sept. 2011

Red Ochre Lit Journal, Sept. 2011 – Mimi Ferebee, Founder/Ed-in-Chief interviewed me on the publishing world and Domestic Apparition. Also published a story of mine, “Noising Your Smile.”

Domestic Apparition was included in Moon Milk Review’s Summer, 2011 issue of the book gallery!

Ascent Aspirations published Len Kuntz book review of “Domestic Apparition,”  Sept. 2011. Thank you so much, Len, for a beautiful review and David Fraser for publishing!

Necessary Fiction published a book review of “Domestic Apparition” written by Faye Rapoport DesPres, August, 2011
Used Furniture Review published a book review of “Domestic Apparition”
written by Len Kuntz, August, 2011

Interview with Jessica Anya Blau on “Domestic Apparition,” up at The Nervous Breakdown, July, 2011

Jen Knox wrote a review of “Domestic Apparition” for a contest at Write Invite and WON!!!! Thank you, Jen!!!

by Meg Tuite on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 7:51am

Jen Knox wrote a compact, yet charged review of “Domestic Apparition” for Write Invite and won!!

Unparalleled Literary Energy – There’s something fresh about these interconnected stories, the energy behind the narration that made me read the entire thing twice. Domestic Apparition is a slender book, filled to the brim with a candid and lively examination of the depth and change that occurs internally: it’s filled with an examination of the courage necessary when the glitz fades, the truth is revealed and we are all left to redefine our ideas about beauty.

Faye Rapoport Des Pres wrote an outstanding review of  “Domestic Apparition.” Thank you so much, Faye!!! July, 2011

Anna March wrote an incredible review of “Domestic Apparition.” July, 2011 Thank you so much, Anna!!! Check out her blog in the link above.

Wilderness House Literary Review, July, 2011/Susan Tepper wrote an amazing review of “Domestic Apparition.” Thank you so much, Susan!!!

Ken Robidoux set up a link to order “Domestic Apparition,” at Connotation Press. Thank you so much, Ken!!!!

Interview with Susan Tepper at Fictionaut, June, 2011

Interview with Miriam Sagan on writing and “Domestic Apparition.” July, 2011

Thank you, Miriam!!!

Read the reviews of “Domestic Apparition,” up at Amazon!!

Domestic Apparition was added to the bookshelf at Up The Staircase Quarterly, July, 2011

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