Exquisite Quartet-Column at Used Furniture Review

Debut story- collaborative piece with Roxane Gay, Rob Geisen, Josh Goller and me. “Plastic Holiday Love” / Dec. 24, 2010


January, 2011/ “Couple’s Counseling” with Nancy Stohlman, Sheldon Lee Compton, Karen Stefano and me.


February, 2011/ Posse with Marcus Speh, Matthew Rafferty, Susan Tepper and me.


March, 2011/ At the Molten Rock with Kona Morris, Len Kuntz, Steve Gulvezan and me.


April, 2011/The One-Step Program with Matt Potter, Robert Vaughan, Catherine Davis and me.


May, 2011/Percy’s Pursuits with Barry Graham, David Tomaloff, Allison Miller and me.


June, 2011/Crime 101 with Heather Fowler, Sally Reno, Ron D’Alena and me.


July, 2011/Inferno with Christopher Allen, Sam Rasnake, Amber Sparks and me.


August, 2011/Crock-pot with Joani Reese, Danny Goodman, Eryk Wenziak and me.


Sept., 2011/Hurricane Berta with Jim Valvis, Michelle Reale, Bill Yarrow and me.


Oct. 2011/Nails R Us with Jen Knox, Sara Lippmann, Michelle Elvy and me.


Nov. 2011/Safekeeping with Eyrk Wenziak, Ryan W. Bradley, Gill Hoffs and me.


Dec. 2011/Wait, Weight, Wait! with Robert Vaughan, Anna March, Foster Trecost and me.



The Exquisite Quartet Anthology-2011 is now available through lulu and Amazon. 38 amazing writers, 13 stories (Dec.2010-Dec.2011) Get a copy!! A collaborative of 4 writers each month that write a story together! All stories were published up at Used Furniture Review! Thank you so much, Dave Cotrone! And all the writers that were a part of this!! It was a great year!!!


Thank you, Danny Goodman, for the shout-out review of The Exquisite Quartet Anthology-2011 in your amazing blog!!


Jan. 2012, Melomosh Mavericks, with Mary Stone Dockery, Alex Pruteanu and Kristine Ong Muslim!!


Feb. 2012, Ask and You Shall Receive, with Ben Tanzer, Len Kuntz, Linda Hedrick and me.


March, 2012, How My Family Tree Became an Exotic Forest, AWP version with 33 writers. Thank you all for an amazing collaboration! WOW!


April 2012, Supernatural Tyranny of Artistic Subterfuge with James Claffey, Kevin Ridgeway, Larry O. Dean and me.


May, 2012 Nothing But Up with Angelle Scott, Joseph Quintela, Andrea Carlisle and me.


June 2012 Double the Psychosis with Ken McPherson, Leah Rogin-Roper, Nate Jordon and me.


July 2012  Scenes From an Open Marriage with Julie Innis, Sam Snoek-Brown, Jordan Blum and me.


August 2012, Suburban Happy Hour with Deborah Henry, Erin Hoffmeyer Zulkoski, Clifford Garstang and me.


September 2012, Living Off the Man, with Neil Serven, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Aleathia Drehmer and me.


October 2012, The Ultimate American Beauty, with Gay Degani, Stephen Ramey, Court Merrigan and me.


November 2012, The After-Life of a Defeated Politician, with Kari Nguyen, Faye Rappoport DesPres, Linda Watsila and me.


December 2012, Happy Holidays, with Robin Stratton, Timothy Gager, Dena Rash Guzman and me.

2 Responses to Exquisite Quartet-Column at Used Furniture Review

  1. Marcus Speh says:

    fantastic idea ane execution – i enjoyed this SO much! keep going! new year cheers from berlin!

    • megtuite says:

      Thank you, Marcus! Happy New Year to you! The January story is moving its way through
      the writers now. The January story is titled “Couple Counseling”. A rocky ride on the psychologist’s
      couch! Hope you like it and thanks for reading!! i love your work!!

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