Even the moon bulges in its orange irons..

These are my longer stories that are a part of my first collection/novel “Domestic Apparition” that is forthcoming in April 2011 through San Francisco Bay Press. There are 20 stories in all, and of these 7 are flash fiction.

  1. Master of the Massdom
  2. Brenda Stantonopolis
  3. Family Conference
  4. Garbage Picker of Memory
  5. The Bottom Line
  6. A Thousand Faces of a Warrior
  7. Thirteen
  8. Heist With Compensation
  9. Leader Of Men
  10. Holiday Inn in the Holidome
  11. Sinister Age of the Draft
  12. Domestic Apparition

Other stories that are either published or pending that are not part of “Domestic Apparition”:

  1. A Woman of No Importance
  2. Holy Suicide
  3. Couple
  4. Christmas Wenches, Get it?
  5. Circling the Flame
  6. Seduction
  7. Lacey’s Night Out
  8. Congealed Solitude in Blue
  9. Obstacle
  10. Alien Art
  11. Prevailing Winds
  12. Dad’s Strung Out Daily Blues
  13. Noxious Adverbs
  14. Eternal-E

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